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2022 Show Information

Kennewick High School - 9:30 AM


This year's show is titled Burning Cathedral.   Music selections include The Bells of Notre Dame by Alan Menken, Sanctuary by Frank Tichelli, and Frozen Cathedral by John Mackey.


“Burning Cathedral explores the history of Notre Dame De Paris and its unfortunate destruction as it caught aflame during construction work.  The music will take us through familiar melodies that represent a time from long ago, into the moment where the world watched the cathedral burn.  We will then remember our desire to rebuild as we listen to the music go from melancholy to hopeful as a reprise of the bells in a more glorious joyful tone. We hope you enjoy Burning Cathedral.”


Richland High School - 9:45 AM

This year's show is titled Skylines. Music is composed by Gary Gilroy and percussion is written by Glide and Nate Bourg.


“The three movements are a musical depiction of the big city skyline during, morning, noon, and dusk” 


West Valley High School - 10:00 AM

This year's show is titled Lantern In The Window.   Music selections include Moonlight Sonata  by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Lux Aurumque and Fly to Paradise by Eric Whitacre, and original music by Jeff Chambers.


Kamiakin High School - 10:30 AM

This year's show is titled The Ripple Effect. Original music by Jeff Chambers and Sound Design by Tim Mitchell.


“Small actions can have a ripple effect.  Everyday we must choose what we want to contribute to our classes, our ensembles, our school and our communities. Because the ripples from one small action can change the world.”

Central Valley High School - 10:45 AM

This year's show is titled Raven.  Winds arrangement by John Matthews, percussion arrangement by Tim Zilar, and drill written by Peter Bates.


“There once was a girl named Raven.  She found her way inside.  The labyrinth was cold and gloomy.  Every corner, a creeping surprise.  Who lives in this terrible forest?  Of rot and filth and demise.  Monsters of course.  They’re coming for you.  Time to run for your lives.”

Pasco High School - 11:00 AM

This year's show is titled The Beauty of Planet Earth arranged by Jeff Chambers.


“The show explores the beauty of our planet in three movements; The Elements, Plants, and Animals.”


Vallivue High School - 11:30 AM

This year's show is titled Venom.  Music composed by Jason Nitsch, and percussion by  Brenden Williams. 


“Venom explores humanities relationships with snakes.  Movement One, entitled SNAKE CHARMER, represents perceived control.  Movement Two is a depiction of hallucinations caused by venom.  Movement Three represents the fear of a snake's STRIKE ATTACK. Please enjoy the show!”

Sunnyside High School - 11:45 AM

This year's show is titled Le Mis.  


“Sunnyside will be debuting their inaugural marching year here at Cavalcade by performing selections from the hit Broadway Musical, LES MIS!”

University High School - 12:00PM

This year's show is titled The Ugly Duckling.   Music is arranged by Nate Hunt.


“The Ugly Duckling is a tale of empowerment and belonging.  Through finding their family, our duckling discovers a place where they truly belong.  Join us on our journey as we spread our wings and learn to fly. ”


Cle Elum Roslyn High School - 1:15 PM

This year's show is titled Haunted, with music arranged by Jeff Chambers.


“In the setting of a graveyard, the young lost child is scared and confused.  Among the confusion, a hoard of the living dead are released from their prison in the graveyard mausoleum.  The zombies chase and torment the child, leaving nothing in their path until the child is captured.  Once a zombie, the band rises from the dead to perform their newfound ritual of the afterlife.”

Hermiston High School - 1:30 PM

This year's show is titled Toxic with music arranged by Jeff Chambers.


“Toxic is an exciting show featuring the music of The Rick and Morty Theme, TOXIC by Britney Spears, and Radio Active by Imagine Dragons.  As the show progresses you will see the possible repercussions of unchecked pollution and its effect on the environment”  

Mead High School - 1:45 PM

This year's show is titled The Last Train Home.


“Mead High School’s 2022 production follows our performers as they explore the desire to leave home and chart their own course, the longing for comfort in the familiar, and the joy of returning with new experiences and perspectives.  The Last Train Home is composed of 4 movements.  1) Saying Goodbye. 2) Life of the Rails.  3) Longing for Home.  4)  Coming Home.  On behalf of our students, staff and community, we hope you enjoy your ride on the Last Train Home”


Ridgeline High School - 2:15 PM

This year's show is titled Bird Set Free.  Music selections include The Opening from Glassworks by Philip Glass.  Fly to Paradise by Eric Whitacre.  And Allegro from Symphony No. 10 by Dimitri Shostakovich. Music arranged by Lewis Norfleet.


“Our 2022 program, Bird Set Free, honors the journey of our young people as they grow through their unique experiences behind and ahead of them.  Yearning for freedoms and individuals, but balancing the need for a community or family to keep them grounded, growing up is a lot like our human curiosity to fly.  We are inspired by all of the young people here today, as they find their voice in singing their songs for love like a bird set free.  Thank you to the Ridgeline Band Boosters, the City of Liberty Lake and all of the Central Valley School District community for supporting in endless ways our new marching.  We hope our program reminds you that we can come together even when facing the most insurmountable odds.  That together, people and communities can heal and that together we are stronger than we are alone when we choose joy.”

Chiawana High School - 2:30 PM

This year's show is titled Convergence.  Music is composed by Jeff Chambers.


“A conflict is coming.  With every new advancement in technology, there are pros and cons.  Will the next leap forward bring about the inevitable clash between humans and technology?  And what will be the result?  Can Artificial Intelligence rule over humanity?  Will humanity fend off the exponential rise of technology?   Or… will Humanity and technology merge together and become one?”

Southridge High School - 2:45PM

This year's show is titled Rock On! A Classic Rock Playlist.   


“This show will get you dancing in your seats.  We start with a crowd favorite, Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas. Relax with our rock ballad, Dream On by Aerosmith.  The show ends with the driving Alice Cooper classic, School’s Out. The SHS Marching Band would like to thank the Southridge Music Boosters, Parents, Fans, and School Administration for their time, effort, and support!”


Wenatchee High School - 3:15PM

This year's show is titled Starcrossed.   Music is arranged by Dave Baldock.


“Sharks versus Jets...Maria and Tony...A union ill-fated by their allegiance to family and country, but will love prevail or will they be caught in the crossfire? ”

Hanford High School - 3:30 PM

This year's show is titled Like Clockwork.  Musical Design by Lewis Norfleet.


“Did you ever notice that all machines are made for some reason?" he asked…"They are built to make you laugh… or to tell the time, like clocks, or to fill you with wonder like the automaton. Maybe that's why a broken machine always makes me a little sad, because it isn't able to do what it was made to do… Maybe it's the same with people," Hugo continued. "If you lose your's like you're broken.””

Cheney High School - 3:45 PM

This year's show is titled As Above, So Below. Music Arranged and composed by Alex Thode.


“The Cheney High School Marching Band’s 2022 show is entitled “As Above, So Below”. Derived from an ancient piece of writing called the Emerald Tablet, the ancient quote, “as above, so below” describes the idea that what happens in a higher plane of existence also happens in a lower plane. Our show depicts musical and visual elements that are reflected and echoed. Throughout the show you will be taken on a journey from depths to summits, minor to major, and from unfamiliar to familiar”












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